Thursday, 15 March 2012

Our First Styling Gig

Posts are infrequent at the moment but I hope to make posting over here much more regular as business picks up.

We are VERY excited to be styling our first wedding photo shoot next Saturday at Boyce Gardens in Toowoomba. The client wants a vintage, romantic style setting and I am using this picture which I found on pinterest as my inspiration.

The client and the photographer LOVE it too so that helps : )

I think this scene has a bit too much going on but I adore the lanterns, the bike leaning against the tree, the ladder and just generally the pretty colours used throughout.

I'm actually thinking of spraypainting a vintage picnic basket to match in with the beautiful romantic tones that the client is looking for ... much like this.

I so cannot wait for next Saturday! I hope it is a lovely day for Libby and her husband-to-be.

I will be sharing some behind-the-scenes photos with you very shortly!

Peta xxx

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  1. great concepts, I'm sure it's going to look wonderful. :o)