Monday, 16 April 2012

New Items ...

Saturday saw us visit our favourite twice-yearly church sale and it yielded some great new inventory.

The most exciting is this very old remington typewriter. I blogged about one very similar (if not the same) earlier in the year after missing out on it on eBay. We got this for a great price and with a bit of elbow grease will come up looking fabulous!

 It is not in working condition but would look great as a display piece at your event or photo shoot.

We have other typewriters available for hire which will be listed on facebook in the coming days.

Other items recently added to our inventory include a retro stool and vintage bird cage as well as some great blackboards.

I do need a little bit of advice though.

DIY Project I
Once I find the perfect fabric, is it as simple as stapling the new fabric nice and tight over the existing seat?

DIY Project II

The bird cage shell is made out of a metal-type material but the base is plastic. The stand is something similar to wrought iron and looks like it could be polished up. How would you attack this? Would you leave it as is or use spray paint or paintbrush to renovate it? What colour do you think?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

linking up to Sophie's flea market finds for the week.


  1. I agree probably the easiest way to deal with the stool is stable the fabric straight over the cushion if it easy to do so.

    I love the bird cage. I love a whimsical look so probably leave the colour that the cage is - love the look and paint the plastic base grey and then white over the top and then distress to make look old. I would use a primer first on the plastic base to get the paint to stick properly. I would then attack the base with a primer and a coat of white and then distress with a wire brush or sand paper.

    I think it would be a fun project! :-)

  2. I recently saw bird cages turned into lights, remove bottom tray, clean up cage and hang from a tree with a light/candle inside. Would be pretty for a wedding? xx