Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 ...

On new years a friend suggested that we book a stall at the largest wedding expo in Toowoomba to get our name out there. She was enthusiastic and very positive that no one in our area offers what we are offering and that may just be what people don't know that they want. If you only secure one booking on the day you have paid your stall fee. 

But what if you get no bookings? Or any enquiries? Or NO ONE stops at your table?!

Do I/we have the guts to do it? To show what beauty is possible with beautiful bone china, polished silvery cutlery and vintage bibs and bobs.

all photos - ckmetro photography

So here's to a positive and successful 2012 for So Yesterday ....

p.s. I'm off to the Salvos. This time of the year is THE best for treasure hunting!!!

p.p.s. our engagement shoot was selected as one of Green Wedding Shoes favourite engagement sessions from 2011 and Style and Bride quite accurately headlined our wedding as Quirk and Colour at its Finest. We are so, so lucky!

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  1. Definitely book a spot, you are exactly what people don't know they need, so great opportunity to get your name out there. :o)