Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A little bit of GOLD in my inbox

Was just casually checking the business email address not expecting any actual jobs to appear but was pleasantly surprised with this request:

I am on a Committee at a daycare centre and we are organising a fundraising Race day at Clifford Park on 28 April 2012. It is a 1920's Black and White theme day. I always find that whenever I get dressed up for a function there is never a chance for a decent photo unless it's a self taken iPhone one. I had mentioned to the commitee about having a photo booth/prop set up in our theme and have a pro photographer on hand to take pictures of guests that they can then purchase, so both a nice memento and a fundraiser as well.

Would providing and setting up props for the photos be something that you could be interested in? 

um ... YES!

I'm thinking oodles of pearls, moustaches, hats, gloves, fur, feathers, vintage cameras, pipes and guns ... fake of course.

Peta xxx


  1. That sounds right up your alley :o)

  2. That is awesome Peta how exciting Its gunna be a rippa of a day.