Friday, 6 January 2012

Give me a home among the gum trees

Browsing items near and far on gumtree had not yet yielded any results until the other day when I almost shouted in delight after reading an ad for typewriters in Drayton - an outer suburb of Toowoomba.

After a bit of an SMS conversation I arranged to go check out what was on offer after work.

This is what greeted me.

Need I say more?!

Vintage pink typewriters are EXTREMELY rare and I'm guessing Sophie over at Her Library Adventures is going to be a wee bit jealous as thrifting a pink typewriter comes in at number 46 on her life to-do list.

The larger Remington one didn't grab me as much but I decided to get it as I missed out on a beautiful one on ebay a couple of weeks ago and felt I needed to fill the void.

This was the ebay one. It sold for $36.05. I think my max bid was $35.00. BOO

Some more images.

Both available for hire!

Peta xxx


  1. Wow, pink typewriter! Beautiful! I've never seen one in person. =)

  2. I just have to comment... I'm a bit jealous of the pink typewriter, even though I have a green one :) I'm always on the lookout for a pink one! They are so so pretty and indeed so rare!

  3. Pink! And it's an Olivetti. Wow!