Monday, 30 January 2012

Flea Market Finds

You'll be sick of seeing what I've purchased pretty soon because I suppose there is a recurring theme.

...You guessed it. Typewriters.

I've added another one to the collection - a beautiful black Corona in its very own sturdy carry case. It was $15.00 from a garage sale.

I will be selling some of my least favourite typewriters (and other stuff including vintage clothes) this weekend at the annual Toowoomba Swap Meet - arguably the largest in Queensland and one of the largest in Australia. Let's pray that this stupid weather decides to behave itself and we are actually presented with two summer days!

I'm unsure of its age, but research on the web leads me to believe it's reasonably old and worth a decent amount of money. It would look great as a prop for a wedding.

I also couldn't resist this (what looks like vintage) lace tablecloth still in its packet. Not sure if/how I'll use it but there is no rush : )

Till next time, Peta xxx

1 comment:

  1. absolutely gorgeous finds, love the Corona lucky girls living in Toowoomba one of my fave places to visit, the opshops are so good, the town is so pretty and that Irish pub is pretty fine too!